Welcome to the Encampment!


Praetorium, Latin for a Roman General's tent, was a place to plan operations among the leaders. Here at Lobo Coffee Co., the Praetorium is where we intend to increase the Conservative footprint from Federal to Local levels across the country through strategic donations and support.

Launching 6/21/22


Lobo Coffee Company is dedicated to preserving our Constitution, Protecting our fellow Americans and preserving our liberties. Launching Praetorium signifies our shift to our responsibility to pursue these values that has made our country what it is today. As a small business, we can only do so much but we'll do all that we can. With your help we can do a lot more!

Our Commitment:

Our Ask:

Our Why:


For every bag of Praetorium that is sold, Lobo Coffee will donate 50% of profits to the efforts of the Conservative Super PACs, local campaigns and/or candidates seeking election funding.


If you drink coffee, purchase a bag of Praetorium and taste quality over quantity! We pride ourselves in great tasting coffee! If you like it, buy more and send to your friends and families. Every bag of coffee helps with the cause.

Send us your Delegate's Campaign Efforts

Have your Campaign Manager reach out to us so we can partner with them and support you!

Our Task

Using our platform, we'll increase awareness and promote conservative actions and agendas to help preserve our country.

Spread the word!

Help us spread the word about our efforts. The more that know, the more we can help elect our Conservatives!

Now is the Time!


Security: We believe that securing our borders will protect our country from preventable violence, reduce drug & human trafficking, re-purpose excessive BP & LE agents to internal issues, de-stress our welfare system, retain jobs for Americans and reduce over-crowded hospitals and detention centers. A strong military that governs even the most senior ranking officers is required; where a senior leader can be subjected to the same principles and expectations as that of the lower enlisted. This ensures that military decision makers consider all facts and assumptions while determining military courses of action and therefore creating trust among subordinates while maintaining a dominant presence in global affairs.

Stability: Increasing jobs in America is a priority for our country. Eliminating valuable natural resources through policy and control does not help our country remain independent and sustainable. Fossil fuels are still and will remain the number 1 energy producer for America for the foreseeable future. It decreases our dependency on other countries, namely OPEC, that can cause “pain at the pump”. America needs to be the leader in oil & natural gas production; fuel our own and assume command/control of our energy destiny.

Structure: A well established political party will ensure American progress continues, re-assume the position as the strongest country in the world and increase the health & welfare of our own citizens through strong programs. Re-directing federal funding “back” home will increase morale of Americans and re-position America to avoid being labeled as a “hand-out” state to other nations. Turning the common theme and push foreign nations to “cater to America” as opposed to “cater from America”.

Sanity: Our country needs sanity. We have been subjected to Democratic rhetoric that continues to slander & drag Republicans through the mud by spreading lies of racism, wrong-doings & illegal/inappropriate activities that have no merit, no value and hold no water. Our national media stations are controlled by Liberals that enable the Democrats and cover up stories that would harm the party signaling an unethical posture that misleads Americans. We look to change that and create an outlet that is fair & balanced and educates our citizens on the TRUE values of Conservatism and how it can benefit our country in the future.

The Democrat Party has increased its narrative, supported by main-stream media, to split our country apart in order to create a dependent, sub-servient citizen in a socialist driven state. The continued lies and hypocrisy from the Office of the Presidency to the indoctrinated, politically-uneducated citizen grows old and only drives a wedge between what We the People of the United States of America truly desire in this country; Security, Freedom and Prosperity!