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A quest to create the perfect coffee grew from a quarter century of military service drinking coffee from all over the world. Whether it was enjoying a casual conversation with foreign dignitaries or developing an intricate operational mission for hours on end, the occasion always seemed to be accompanied with massive amounts of coffee. Introduced to different coffee flavors and intensities from Central & South America to the Middle East to Europe; it became a quest to roast natural flavor characteristics from various coffee beans gathered from around the world.

Serving in the United States Army Special Forces for over 15 years paved the way to developing Lobo Coffee. My first Operational Detachment was ODA 784 which was nicknamed Los Lobos Salvajes, The Savage Wolves in Spanish. This name became sacred with me since it's where I cut my teeth in SF and met some super cool gatos on the team. Lobo became the obvious choice for naming this company and starting with the first coffee, Salvaje, was a no brainer. 

Lobo Coffee Company proudly gives back to the community in which it derived. Donating proceeds to The Green Beret Foundation and Operation Healing Forces as well as various other charitable organizations ensures our comrades-in-arms and their families know that they are not forgotten.


Visit OHF's page by clicking here to see the 

incredible way you can help members and families of the SOF community.

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For more information on the U.S. Army's Special Forces (aka Green Berets) and how you can further support their efforts, click The Green Beret Foundation to visit their page.

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