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Drinking Lobo Coffee

Loving coffee is one thing, understanding coffee is another but a combination of both will completely change the way you experience coffee. 


Coffee is only as good as the green bean;

to an extent.

Although sourcing awesome green coffee is the start to super great coffee, many other factors are involved that will produce a delicious cup...

The Roast


Listen Closely Folks!

No matter how good the green coffee is or how good the coffee roaster is, you can screw up a really good coffee when you brew it. Equally, everyone's taste preferences are not the same. So it may take a few times to dial in your coffee. But remember this advice; be consistent in the way you brew!

There is a huge amount of information on the internet about brewing coffee. So, I'm not going to bore you with the same rambling. I will, however, give you different brew methods and what I use as a starting point to dial in for my taste.

Roasting coffee is key to maximize the flavors of the awesome green coffee. Lobo Coffee uses three roasts levels to narrow down your coffee choices.

1. Go light if you're looking for a lot of different flavors in your coffee. These are the natural flavors of the bean that you'll experience. 

2. Medium roast will bridge the light and dark with a better body but start to remove some of the natural vegetal flavors. Here you will find the chocolates start to emerge.

3. Lobo's dark roast is a heavier body, balanced but pushing the limits of the upper medium roasts on the verge of 2nd crack. This level will bring a stronger and more bold taste profile that most people are accustomed to but fresher tasting.

Drip Coffee Machine:

I use a medium grind to start. If you don't weigh your coffee or water then level 1 tablespoon of fresh ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Don't go off of the #'s on the side of the pot. Use a measuring cup for the water. Not all pots are measured the same.

Chemex/Pour Over (Lobo Choice):

Start with a medium/coarse grind and weigh your grounds. I use 20 grams to start and shoot for a ratio of 1:17 (grounds to water) and water temp should be 205F. Keep in mind some water will remain in the wet grounds. So if you're using a Chemex setup where the filter is resting inside the carafe, you will have to pour more water. For instance, I pour a 1:20 ratio which will usually leave me with 1:17 in the carafe based on my grind size.

French Press:

Definitely a coarse grind for this method is recommended and start with a 1:17 ratio. Stronger coffee will be about 1:13 grams to water ratio. Water temp should be 195F when poured into the press and let it steep for about 4 minutes.


Key Takeaways 

  • Invest in a burr grinder!

  • Use filtered water

  • Weigh your coffee and water

  • Water temp between 195-205F

  • Only grind what you are going to use

  • Rinse your coffee filter before you add grounds

  • Brew time should be less than 5 minutes

  • Be consistent every time you brew!


and above all...

Buy Lobo Coffee

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