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Praetorium is our movement to Take Back America. Our country has been subjected to the Woke agenda, leftists without morals, unethical CRT beliefs and more recently, the disgusting indoctrination that they want to do to our nation's children. 


With every purchase of this coffee, we will donate 50% of our profits to a Conservative Super PAC that is focused on electing the most highly qualified Conservatives that will, undeniably, fight for Conservative values regardless of the push-back. We need strong candidates in office that can Take Back America and give our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren a civilized country wtih a moral backbone framed by our Constitution. 


Even if you don't drink coffee, place it in your pantry to remind you of the struggles that America is witnessing and to give you the energy to stand up and voice your support for our great nation. 


Purchasing this coffee lets you enjoy the best tasting coffee on the planet at the same time anonomously donating to the Conservative party. We do the donating on your behalf! 



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  • Praetorium is the same legendary and great-tasting coffee as our flagship Red Empire. Using the same Colombian Excelso beans and roasted to a perfect medium of 421F to retain sweet notes of chocolate and buttery caramel. 

    This coffee does execeptionally well in a drip brewer using 50 grams of coffee to 30 ounces of filtered water. It is also great using a French Press at a ratio of 1 gram of coffee to 17 grams of filtered water with a brew time of 3'30".

    The Decaf is the same Colombian bean that has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process method and roasted to the same ideal medium roast level.


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