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PFC Coffee is a Co-op Partnership with the Prolonged Field Care Collective that educates, informs, and advocates for the training of austere medical emergency responders. 


Using Colombian Excelso coffee, this special roast delivers unmatched flavor and quality that runs great through an espresso machine, drip coffee maker or even ground fine and brewed through an AeroPress if you're in austere environments. This coffee will not fail to deliver and is recommended to be a staple in your Medical and Survival Kits! 


A portion of proceeds from the sales of this coffee goes directly to the Prolonged Field Care Collective to help the organization continue its mission. Please visit for more information.

Prolonged Field Care 12 oz

Price Options
One-time purchase
Save 10%
$14.39every month until canceled
Life Support
$14.39every week until canceled
Lobo Anesthesia
$14.39every 2 weeks until canceled
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