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The highly sought Red Empire Roast is now available in Green Pods for use in Keurigs! These pods are 100% biodegradeable, including the package. Using Italian technology of these mesh pods ensures maximum amount of coffee packed into a solid punch and packaged in a nitrogen blasted "pillow" pack to preserve freshness and maintain quality.


Once you open the pillow pack and smell the aroma of Red Empire...your Keurig experience will never be the same. The cup quality is unmatched by plastic Kcups and sure to leave you begging for another. 

Red Empire KPods

  • Each box of Salvaje contains 12 individually, nitrogen fille pillow packs. Use 6 ounce setting of your Keurig for optimal flavor. If your machine has a STRONG option, please use that to slow the filtration rate through the mesh pod.

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